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Maximize Your Mass Tort Recoveries with the HRS Patented Process 

Healthcare Recovery Solutions’ patented mass tort cost containment platform is designed to search medical treatment and pharmaceutical information to identify high-cost recovery opportunities related to medical expenses caused by defective medical devices, dangerous drugs, and toxic chemicals. Healthcare Recovery Solutions and its strategic partners work to identify previously unknown mass tort claims, where a plan participant has retained legal counsel to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. The process is simple:

Our patented cost containment software is designed to identify mass tort recovery opportunities.

We utilize cutting-edge technology to identify previously unknown high-cost mass tort medical expenses related to dangerous, defective, and toxic chemicals mass tort recovery opportunities.

Where the plan participant has retained an attorney, Healthcare Recovery Solutions’ highly-trained strategic partners will pursue collection from the appropriate parties.

Our team provides detailed reporting on the status of claims being pursued for recovery. All of our clients are given access to a comprehensive online reporting portal where they can obtain monthly status reports, recovery reports and historical overview reports.