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Our patented software systems and technologies is designed to augment a fund or insurer’s existing recovery efforts by searching out potential third-party claims related to dangerous pharmaceuticals, defective medical devices or harmful toxic substances.

With input from experienced counsel such as Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law, we utilize cutting-edge technology to identify previously unknown large-loss claims with subrogation or recovery potential.

Where the injured party has already retained counsel to assert a claim, our highly-trained professionals will pursue collection from any third party recovery. Where no claim has been brought, HRS will work with experienced counsel, such as Schwarz Mongeluzzi Law, to pursue subrogation or recovery opportunities that have been identified.

HRS provides meaningful and current information on the status of claims being investigated and pursued by the fund or insurer. Our team will monitor third-party claims being pursued by plan participants to ensure that the fund or insurer’s lien is being protected and reimbursed.