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Dangerous drugs, faulty devices, and toxic chemicals as well as Fraud, Waste and Abuse, could be costing your plan millions.

Medical expenses associated with mass torts are some of the most expensive costs that healthcare payers and plans incur. A specialized mass tort cost containment and recovery platform is an important piece of the puzzle to maximize the healthcare payer or plans opportunity for recovery.

Prescription Drugs

When prescription drugs are defective or otherwise do not perform as intended, they may cause serious and potentially crippling harm. Medical treatment caused by dangerous pharmaceuticals may result in enormous medical expenses that drain vital assets of healthcare payers and plans. Drugs such as Actos, Elmiron, Nexium, Pradaxa, and Risperdal may generate significant medical treatment expenses and costs which, when not properly identified, result in forfeiting potential recovery rights. By understanding how to identify and recover mass tort medical expenses related to dangerous pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Recovery Solutions provides healthcare payers and plans with a specialized blueprint to discover what they may have been missing in mass tort cost containment efforts.

Medical Devices

When medical devices are defective or otherwise do not perform as intended, they may cause serious injuries and complications, resulting in significant medical treatment, such as costly medical device revision and replacement surgeries. Medical devices such as defective hernia mesh, hip and knee replacements, and sleep apnea equipment may result in considerable medical treatment expenses to plan participants. When these costs are left unidentified or unmonitored, healthcare payers and plans may forfeit their recovery rights. By utilizing Healthcare Recovery Solutions’ patented cost containment platforms, our team identifies defective medical devices to help recover related medical treatment costs – that traditional subrogation efforts may miss. Healthcare Recovery Solutions is here to identify and recover mass tort medical expenses, which may be missing from current cost containment efforts.

Toxic Chemicals

Exposure to toxic chemicals, such as RoundUp, has been linked with several forms of cancer. The cost to treat these cancers can be astronomical for healthcare payers and plans. These cancers often result in debilitating, long-term illnesses – which require costly and extensive medical treatment over the course of many years. Through Healthcare Recovery Solutions’ patented cost containment platforms, healthcare payers and plans can identify when toxic chemicals caused the illness. Our software enables payers and plans to recover medical treatment expenses due to toxic chemical exposure – something traditional mass tort subrogation efforts often fail to provide.

Third-Party Payer Overpayment

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the annual economic burden of prescription opioid abuse in the United States to be $78.4 billion – with $26.1 billion of that burden in health insurance costs paid for by health plans. This has been going on for decades. This unjust overpayment by healthcare plans for opioid-caused medical issues is just one example of how healthcare plans have been paying for ineffective and misleading medications, which cause medical costs to skyrocket. By utilizing Healthcare Recovery Solutions’ cost containment platforms to identify, monitor, and recover similar types of third-party overpayment and other types of potential fraud, waste and abuse, healthcare payers and plans may better be able to maximize their cost containment efforts.

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