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At The Intersection of 

Technology and Subrogation

Medical expenses caused by defective medical devices, dangerous prescription drugs, and toxic chemicals create immense costs for healthcare payers and plans. The makers of those problematic devices, drugs, and chemicals are rarely held financially responsible. Rather, healthcare payers and plans are saddled with treatment costs – something that unfortunately often leads to increased premiums for members and lost recovery opportunities for healthcare payers and plans.

Our patented mass tort cost containment technology enables healthcare payers and plans to recover these costs like never before. The Healthcare Recovery Solutions (HRS) platform is a first-of-its-kind, and no other mass tort vendor is using our algorithms and systems to fully identify recovery opportunities or pinpoint the true dollar amounts that can be recovered. It’s an automated platform backed by a team of specialists that deliver results like no other.

Let HRS utilize your own claims data to bring back the dollars you’re entitled to. You have nothing to lose and potentially millions to gain.

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