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For Immediate Release: Current High-Dollar Recovery Opportunities

Friday, October 14, 2016

A number of near-term subrogation opportunities are likely to generate substantial recoveries for healthcare payers who are able to identify these claims.  Several metal-on-metal hip manufacturers, such as Stryker, are currently in the process of paying out settlement funds to claimants. If these defective hip claims are not identified in the next 90 days, healthcare payers may lose the ability to recover the medical expenses incurred because of the defective hips. It is also anticipated within the next 180 days, additional product manufacturers will be making payments to individuals who have suffered from: 


What This Means for Healthcare Payers:  

Billions of dollars are available for reimbursement. In order to secure their recoveries, healthcare payers must take action to identify these opportunities. Failing to place relevant parties on notice of the lien in each individual case could prevent healthcare payers from securing recoveries from these settlements. Through prompt identification and pursuit of these specific claim types, Healthcare Recovery Solutions, LLC ensures that their clients’ claims will not be left undiscovered.  

About Healthcare Recovery Solutions, LLC: 

Healthcare Recovery Solutions, LLC maximizes healthcare payers’ recovery opportunities. HRS is a specialized subrogation provider that identifies high-dollar subrogation opportunities, which are often overlooked. HRS supplements healthcare payers’ existing subrogation practices by utilizing sophisticated, patented data analytics and technology to identify unknown claims associated with defective medical devices, dangerous prescription drugs, or toxic exposures. At the intersection of technology and subrogation, HRS can help your organization maximize their healthcare recovery opportunities.

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