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Healthcare Recovery Solutions (HRS) is the first and only organization to offer powerful, patented systems and technologies to identify opportunities for healthcare payers to recover expenses paid due to illness or injury caused by dangerous pharmaceuticals, defective medical devices, or harmful toxic substances. Our analytics engine reviews medical claims and prescription data to identify previously undetected high-cost opportunities for subrogation and reimbursement for healthcare payers and funds. Our specialized subrogation team, working in conjunction with legal counsel, enables healthcare payers and funds to augment their existing subrogation practices with minimal effort.

HRS offers government entities, healthcare payers, insurers, and health and welfare funds:

Ease of Use

The HRS process has minimal impact on current subrogation practices or day-to-day operations.

HIPAA Compliance

The HRS technology is a HIPAA-compliant system, which protects the privacy and confidentiality of personal health information.

No Upfront Costs

Because HRS is compensated only for successful collections work and does not charge a fee to review claims or analyze data, payers and funds have nothing to lose—but potentially millions to gain in recovered healthcare costs.

HRS focuses on third-party claims for injuries from prescription drugs, defective medical devices, and chemical and toxic exposures. When such claims are successfully identified and prosecuted through subrogation and reimbursement actions, healthcare payers can obtain substantial recoveries of previously paid medical costs.

HRS’ software system is designed to search medical treatment information and records to analyze, monitor and track data. The system is also able to aggregate the data in order to identify potential trends relating to payment of medical treatment costs associated with the harmful drugs, defective devices, or toxic chemicals. With this information, HRS is capable of identifying previously unknown potential third-party claims for evaluation by attorneys. HRS then provides collection services and support to legal counsel, who will pursue the claims as appropriate.

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